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A Fascinating Story

Money, money, money!  Currency doesn’t just happen, it develops through a history of people, events, banks and choices. Visitors to the Higgins Museum have the opportunity to view and enjoy the largest collection of National Bank Note issues on permanent exhibit anywhere in the country. The Museum, which opened in 1978, is purposed with the acquisition, preservation and display of the notes, related artifacts and pertinent reference materials relating to the National Bank Note issuance era.

Many people regard these notes as America’s commemorative paper money. The landing of Columbus, the embarkation of the Pilgrims, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and other great events of our history are illustrated on the notes of the first charter period. All of the notes honor the towns, the banks, and many thousands of individuals who played key roles in the development of our country and its resources.

We feel fortunate to have this Museum and these great reminders of our heritage, and we hope you will come and enjoy the fascinating story of this chapter of the American banking system.

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